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Josef Barnáš

Teacher, playwright Re-founded the Čelakovský theatrical company after the war. Also worked as its dramaturgist and chronicler. Wrote several plays, as well as fairy tales for children.

17. 10. 1900 Boršov nad Vltavou
26. 5. 1962 Strakonice

Karel Baron

Official, writer Author of several publications, such as Dítě Skřivan, Pohádky, Slunné Dny.

1874 Strakonice
1938 Praha

Bavor I.

The first historically confirmed Bavarian to reside in Strakonice Credited for building the Castle of Strakonice. Was a powerful aristocrat, tightly connected with the Přemyslid dynasty. On 9 July 1254, a significant reward for his loyalty came in the form of the title of Summus Camerarius (equivalent of the Lord Chamberlain), propelling Bavor I to the top of the social ladder. He kept this office until his death in 1260.


Karel Bečvář

Academic sculptor and glassmaking artist A graduate of the Secondary Art School of Bechyně as well as the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, the Jozef Soukup studio – glass, jewellery and sculptures. A former visual designer for the Moser glassworks in Karlovy Vary, he has lived and worked in Sweden since 1991, in addition to being a member of the National Association of Swedish Handicraft Societies.

1955 Strakonice

Miloš Bečvář

Ski runner and cyclist, introduced to the Sports Hall of Fame of the region of Strakonicko Attended the 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid and the 1984 Winter Olympics in Sarajevo. He also attended the 1982 and 1985 World Championship and numerous World Cup races, becoming the champion of the Czech Republic in ski running, as well as in the Master category in mountain biking later on.

21. 1. 1957 Strakonice

Eva Blažková – Kalužáková

Basketball player, introduced to the Sports Hall of Fame of the region of Strakonicko Represented the CSSR and the Czech Republic for over ten years, becoming the junior-category European Champion, attended the Summer Olympics in Seoul, as well as the Women's World Championship and the Goodwill Games in the USA. Used to rank among the best players of the Czechoslovak Major League.

1965 Strakonice

Pavel Bojar

Prose writer, novelist, translator (Russian), publicist Real name: Karel Krejčík In 1939, he was arrested along with other college students and taken to a concentration camp until 1940. Was active in a student resistance movement. After World War II, he became a political worker for the ÚV KSČ (Communist Party Central Committee), chief editor of Svoboda Publishing. He was also a professional writer, a chief editor of the magazine Květy and an ambassador in Brazil.

18. 5. 1919 Strakonice
16. 11. 1999

Josef Bosáček

Painter Worked alongside Mikoláš Aleš on their sgraffito works in Protivín, Písek, Strakonice (the original town hall building). He also implemented Aleš's drafts in Vodňany.

17. 2. 1857 Příbram
5. 9. 1934 Příbram

Miloslav Brůha

Painter Depicts mostly south Bohemian scenery in his art. He has created about six hundred oil paintings. He is influenced by the academic painter Jaroslav Pešek.

1954 Strakonice

Karel Bubla

Founder of the South Bohemian Armament Works (1919) Originally a small arms manufacturing plant, transitioned to motorcycles in 1932. A year later, design engineering works on the first actual motorcycle, the ČZ 250, commenced here.

1873 Strakonice

Jan Buchtele

Violinist, educator and composer Attended the Prague Conservatory, studying violin with

7. 7. 1874 Písek
19. 4. 1941 Strakonice

David Čadek

Motocross and enduro racer Became the champion of Europe in the groups category, the national and international champion of the Czech Republic in the individuals 125 ccm category, as well as the Champion of the Czech Republic in the groups category. 2010 European Champion in enduro. Attended the International Six Days Enduro 5 times, 15 times champion of the Czech Republic in enduro.

15. 3. 1980 Strakonice

František Ladislav Čelakovský

Poet of the National Revival era, critic and translator. After graduating from a German School, he moved on to the Piarist Secondary School in České Budějovice, finishing at the Secondary School in Písek. His work was influenced by his friend Jan Vlastislav Plánek. He had a great affection for the town and its surroundings, cherishing his memories of Kuřidlo and Panská zahrada even in his adult years.

7. 3. 1799 Strakonice
5. 8. 1852 Praha

MUDr. Jan Zdeněk Cvrček

Physician, regional historian Graduated from the local comprehensive school, followed by the Faculty of Medicine at Charles University. However, he had to interrupt his studies in 1939 due to the university being shut down by the Germans. He returned to Strakonice, working as a lab technician and attendant. After the war, he would go on with his medicine studies and proceeded to work as an internist of the Regional National Insurance Company emergency services.

7. 6. 1915 Strakonice
20. 12. 2005 Strakonice

Adolf Daněk

Folk art and poetry collector Started out as a teacher of the local municipal school, later becoming a schoolmaster. Contributed to various magazines such as Otavan, Prácheň or Lidová čítanka. He described his collection activity in a number of books such as Báje českého Pošumaví, Na šumavském Podlesí, Báje ze Šumavy or Pověsti o hradech a tvrzích v jižních Čechách.

1869 Strakonice
1950 Praha

František Darebný

Motorcycle racer who successfully represented the brand of ČZ in the Silver Vase Contests. Was a member of the winning team in the years 1958 and 1961. After retiring from his racing career, he worked as a mechanic of another racer of ČZ, Paul Friedrichs from then-NDR.

27. 9. 1932
20. 1. 1994

Bedřich Dubský

Teacher, archeologist Since 1911 he had devoted his time to archeological research, mostly within the region of Strakonicko. He was mostly focused on primeval age and early middle age archeology. He cooperated with the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences and the National Museum in Prague. He had concluded the results of his research, along with his knowledge of the primeval inhabitation of the region, in his work Pravěk jižních Čech.

10. 7. 1880 Komárov u Bechyně
9. 2. 1957 Písek

Jaroslav Dvořák Šumavský

Academic painter and graphic artist His father was Josef Dvořák, a well-known printmaker from Strakonice. After his studies in Prague with prof. Václav Jansa and prof. Ferdinand Engelmüller, he would proceed to work as an assistant at Engelmüller's painting school. In 1924, he moved to Strakonice and opened a painter's studio. His pictures depict the important monuments of the town, various alleys and landscapes.

5. 4. 1887 Strakonice
9. 10. 1964 Strakonice

Jan Dyk

County school inspector, mayor of Strakonice, initiator of the museum renewal after World War I To celebrate his efforts and exploits, the renewed museum was named Městské Dykovo Muzeum in 1930. Since 1967, the museum has been called Muzeum Středního Pootaví Strakonice. Was an acknowledged teacher and adult educator. Wrote a valuable topography for the region of Kralovice, Strakonice, Volyně.

11. 4. 1860 Horní Bříza u Plzně
16. 11. 1926 Strakonice

Prof. MVDr. Václav Dyk, DrSc.

Veterinarian, doctor of veterinary sciences, deputy-dean and deputy-rector of the Faculty of Veterinary Sciences of the Czech University of Life Sciences Engaged in the areas of hydro-biology, ichtyology, parasitology, zoology and ecology. Published 350 original scientific works, several hundreds of specialized articles and essays, as well as 45 specialized publications and textbooks.

27. 2. 1912 Strakonice
5. 11. 1995 Brno

Ondřej Fibich

Writer, poet After secondary school, he went through various manual jobs. Christened in 1984, he entered the Sovereign Military Order of Malta. He left the order five years later. He authored spiritually focused poetry and prose, and contributed to almanacs and composite books. He published the poetry collections Země Jana Křtitele, Podoby Soumraku, Pasovské Elegie and the legend book Čtyři Rytíři. His poems were also published in Germany, Netherlands, Poland and France.

27. 1. 1954 Praha-Karlín

Jaroslav Formánek

Bagpiper and a significant propagator of bagpipe music Music teacher in Prague, where he also had his own bagpipe ensemble. In 1937, he prevailed over the Scottish bagpipers at "Radio Waves". Based on that, he went on to be dubbed the king of bagpipers. He became a bagpipe teacher at the Prague Conservatory. He also founded and worked in the countrymen's committee Švanda Dudák in Prague. He published his expert studies about bagpiping, bagpipers and Czech bagpipe music in his manuscript Úplná Škola Dudácké Hry.

1884 Strakonice
1938 Praha

Josef Formánek

Musician, teacher In the second half of the 19th century, he became one of the most significant personalities of musical life in Strakonice. He had been interested in bagpiping since he was twelve, predominantly playing violin. He attained more extensive musical education at the Teacher's institute in České Budějovice. After graduating, he had been active in Klatovy and later went on to become the schoolmaster of the municipal school in Strakonice.

19. 4. 1844 Vrhaveč u Klatov
10. 8. 1926 Praha

Josef Wolf Fürth

Industrialist After 1787, he would manage the Wolf Fürth + company along with his brothers Jakub and Moritz (making textiles, mostly fez hats), significantly contributing to its expansion and mechanization. Their products received worldwide praise at industrial exhibitions in Vienna and Paris.

30. 12. 1822 Strakonice
28. 4. 1892 Vídeň

Pavla Gregorová Šípová

Mostly engaged in wax-silk painting, lino-cutting, collages, ceramic works and encaustic painting (an ancient painting technique that utilizes hot wax mixed with resin and colour pigments). She presented her work at dozens of exhibitions. She also engages herself in public interior decoration.

1967 Strakonice


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